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Looking for an exterior painting company in Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington, DC? In addition to new window installation, siding replacement and roofing projects, our team also handles exterior painting services which can either be part of a larger renovation project, or as a standalone service. Find out more about our exterior painting services below.

How long will my exterior paint work last?

This will depend on a few factors, including the brand and type of paint, but one of the most important involves the surface preparation. When choosing a contract for your exterior paint project, be sure to review the surface preparation procedures…the correct procedures can lengthen the amount of time that your paint will last.

What product options are available?

Titan Construction Contractors carries Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint products. Within these brands there is a selection between type of paint (oil or latex), warranty length, color and price. We suggest that homeowners speak with a Project Consultant about their project to determine which brand and options will best fit their needs.

How should I choose a color for my project?

Of all of the products that Titan Construction Contractors carries, Paint has the largest selection of color. This can be both a blessing a curse! We encourage homeowners who are unsure about color selection to save pictures from magazines, e-mail us web links or identify homes in their neighborhood that they like so that our Project Consultants can narrow down a color palette to choose from. Also, our design software allows homeowners to preview what their home will look like prior to the paint being applied.

What can I expect during my paint project?

After our Project Consultant has worked with you to explore and explain the best options for your home or building, budget and time-line, your project will be scheduled with one of our professional painters. Our paint projects consist of these basic steps, which are necessary to insure a quality job:

Powerwash: This step is important to insure that any areas that will be painted or retouched are clean and clear of debris, mold, dirt and mildew.

Prepare the Paint Surface: Power washing may not be enough to prepare the surface for its new coat of paint. After the surface is cleaned of any dirt, any imperfections that would result in an unsightly finished product will be addressed – including peeling paint and gaps in the surface.

Primer: Prime the surface to prepare for the layer(s) of paint.

Paint: Paint surface using a high quality paint to create a uniform finish.

Inspection: Upon completion of any paint project, our Project Manager will complete a site-inspection and review.

Survey: We request that every residential homeowner complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey, so we can continue to improve our company and reward outstanding service provided by our employees!

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